October 06, 2013

Nina Williams Nude - ClickBait Edition

Tekken Nina Williams SoulCalibur
With Namco's recent trademark filing for SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul, plus SoulCalibur Lost Swords and SoulCalibur 2 HD Online releasing later this year, this thought came back to me again; Nina in a Soul game - why isn't this a thing already? Tekken's Yoshimitsu has been a member of the cast since 1998's SoulCalibur, Heihachi was a playable guest character in SoulCalibur 2 and, above all, Namco themselves planted the idea of an iron clad, sword fighting, medieval version of Nina into my head with her Tekken 5 ending FMV - a major tease if ever there was one. So here's my request, Namco: Nina Williams for SoulCalibur6/7/whateverIcanWait6! And while you're at it (cos I know one of the three people reading this blog MUST be working for Namco, dead sure...) click "read more" to get an idea of the kind of "damage models" your next gen Soul game should feature (...)

September 28, 2013

New CR Tekken footage of Nina Williams

Tekken Pachinko Pachislot Movie CG
As was pointed out to me by fellow Nina fan and reader of this blog, Fredrik, new footage of CR Tekken (you know, that soon-to-be-released Japanese pachinko) has been released online. Mixing some familiar Tekken FMV scenes with a lot of new exclusive prerendered CGI it features video introductions for a selection of 9 characters, and luckily for us Nina afficionados Nina's scenes are beautiful, action packed and all new. [In an effort to tame the picture clutter I will be using jump breaks from now on. For more info and additional pictures - I usually have lots of them - please click the "read more" link below]

September 10, 2013

CR Tekken Pachinko has Nina don a fan-favourite

CR Tekken Pachinko Death by Degrees
I spy with my little eye... someone who's wearing her black Death by Degrees cocktail dress for her next Tekken pachinko outing...

September 05, 2013

Tekken Revolution and Nina Williams' face both get an update

Tekken Revolution New Face Nina
September will see the release of a major update for Namco's PlayStation3 exclusive free2play title Tekken Revolution, which will finally add Nina to the game's character roster. In the short trailer Namco released to highlight the update we get a good look at Nina's new face which received a substantial makeup makeover due to Namco's desire to prettify the female cast...

August 21, 2013

Augmented Reality Nina Unbirthday Surprise

Tekken Card AR Rare Physical
I visited my family for the weekend, and thanks to my brother - who's a fan of unbirthday gifting and totally awesome btw -  I finally had the chance to try out the augmented reality feature of the physical TCT cards...

August 10, 2013

Nina Williams in Shunya Yamashita Art Book Beautiful Noise

Tekken Yamashita Bishoujo Kotobukiya
Videogame character and Bishoujo figure design illustrations take center stage in Shunya Yamashita's latest art book Beautiful Noise. Amongst art for games such as Disgaea, Mass Effect and Lollipop Chainsaw, and illustrations for franchises such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Star Wars, X-Men, Ghost Busters and Men in Black, a great deal of the artist's attention went to his illustrations for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Unsurprisingly, Nina Williams is the obvious star of the 37-page Tekken section...

August 02, 2013

Physical Tekken Card Tournament boosters available in stores now

Tekken Card Booster Packs Box Cards Nina
With my weekly GamesPress digest news letter came confirmation that physical cards for Tekken Card Tournament are now officially available in stores. Even better news: Tekken's First Lady seems to also be Tekken Card Tournament's official poster girl, gracing the stand-up display of every counter top dispenser next to poster boy Kazuya...

July 30, 2013

Review of PHICEN's Nina Williams Death by Degrees Collectors' Figure

Nina Williams Figure Tekken Phicen SMCG
At last! After a month long odyssey basically just being stuck at customs, PHICEN's Nina finally showed up, and man was she worth the wait...

July 10, 2013

Classic PVS-5 for Classic Nina Williams

Nina Williams night vision PVS 5
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Classic Nina Williams /Tekken OVA - SpecOps
In the 1998 OVA "Tekken The Motion Picture" Nina can be seen wearing a black face mask variation of AN/PVS-5A night vision goggles, a second generation binocular night vision viewing system developed in the late 1970s...

July 03, 2013

A0 does Nina Williams for blonde bomb blog

Tekken Nina Accuracy0 artwork drawing art
Nina Williams in Louis Vuitton by talented Malaysian artist Nic "Accuracy0" Goh, short A0.
Take a look at A0's art on deviantart. (There's more of Nina in his gallery, amongst beautiful b/w and coloured character art, concept designs and other artworks)

June 22, 2013

Nina Williams on British sitcom Spaced

Simon Pegg Star Trek Spaced Nina Williams
Let's play 'Six Degrees of' for a second here. What does Nina Williams have to do with Star Trek's Scotty?...

June 12, 2013

WIP 006 - Classic Nina Williams in Tekken Anime Outfit

Tekken Nina Williams character model CG
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Classic Nina Williams /Tekken OVA Outfit 1.
For my first rendition of the classic late-90s Nina Williams character model (as used in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament) I chose one of her looks from the 1997/'98 Anime Tekken: The Motion Picture...

First PHICEN Nina customer pictures

Tekken Nina Williams Action Figure 1:6 1/6
Pictures of PHICEN's NINA VER.1.0 have been popping up online after preorders were dispatched earlier this month...

May 14, 2013

WIP 005 - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams

Tekken Nina Williams CG Character Model
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams. 
The UV's are looking much better now, and I've also replaced the previous hair mesh with a new one. Recognize it?...

May 05, 2013

WIP 004 - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams

Nina Williams Character Model Work in Pregress
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams. 
Here we have Nina's original 1999 Tekken Tag Tournament face mesh. I put together the face texture (UV's still need work) and enhanced a hair mesh I stole from a lesser blonde who starrs in the Resident Evil game series :-) ...

April 28, 2013

Nina Williams PHICEN figure preorders ending May 5th

Nina Tekken figure Phicen 1:6
Just a short reminder: Preorders for PHICEN's 1:6 scale Nina Williams collectible figure are ending May 5th. More on this stunning piece later (/pieces actually, as the figure comes with a plethora of accessories), in my interview with Chad, the man behind SMcG Customs, who has worked with PHICEN on several pop culture femme fatale beauties before, and basically is the reason this figure exists. You can preorder NINA VER. 1.0 through one of your local places or, as I did, directly through SMcG's official site smcgcustoms.com

April 20, 2013

Death by Degrees character design artwork

Anna Williams Heihachi Artwork Death by Degrees
Death by Degrees' beautiful character design artwork. The concept art, which is one of the game's many bonus unlockables, includes designs for protagonist Nina Williams, her main antagonists, and basically every other character in the game. Check out the actual image files extracted from the PlayStation 2 DVD after the jump...

April 09, 2013

WIP 003 - 3D Capturing Death by Degrees' Nina Williams

Death by Degrees Nina Williams CG
WORK.IN.PROGRESS To extract the games higher-poly in-engine 3D assets I had to play through Death by Degrees for what felt like the 47th time, this time frantically meticulously capturing frame after frame. Ughhh...

April 07, 2013

Tekken Card Tournament - Addictive Nina Deck Building Extravaganza

Tekken Card iPhone Screenshot
The one mobile game that saved my life on a very lonesome train ride back home. Tekken Card Tournament released 3 days ago among iOS and Android devices, and I haven’t stopped playing since. This little fucker triggered all the predictable OCD/addiction/collecting patterns of behaviour for me, and I love it...

February 22, 2013

Death by Degrees environmental concept artwork

Nina Williams Cruise Ship Design
Death by Degrees' beautiful environmental artwork. Stunning how very close to the concept art most all of the sceneries in the game turned out to be. The level design in Death by Degrees is one of the things I love most about the game - Divided into 3 main environmental sections, you start out on a luxury cruise ship and, after being taken hostage and exploring a huge island based penitentiary, you return back to the ship and reveal its deeper secrets in the final chapter of the game. The concept art, which can be unlocked in the game, includes design sketches of the ship's art d├ęco, Japanese and imperial interiors, the roman ruins inspired swimming pool and several orlop deck facilities and laboratories. Take a look at the actual images unlockable in the game, extracted from the PlayStation 2 DVD, after the jump (and try to spot the little Nina sketches that are hidden in some of them)...

February 16, 2013

WIP 002 - Extracting Death by Degrees' Nina Williams

CG Tekken CGI Render
WORK.IN.PROGRESS My initial project - crafting my own Nina Williams character model - has just come to a halt. Having finished work on the face and hair meshes, and their respective textures (I previewed a WIP of the face texture in my last post) I was looking for a way to take a few good shots of Nina's character model in Death by Degrees, for reference purposes. Not minding the time and digging deeper and deeper it just so happened that I found there's a way to extract whole models and sceneries directly from the PlayStation 2 DVD...

January 30, 2013

WIP 001 - Retexturing Tekken Tag's Nina Williams

Tekken Nina Williams CG texture
WORK.IN.PROGRESS For a project I'm working on, I wanted to create a more detailed version of Nina's Tekken Tag Tournament (1) face texture. Tekken 3/TTT Nina has always been my favourite of all her character designs, and I still think she looked her best in the late 90s...

January 24, 2013

magazine scan - PPS - PlayStation retrospective featuring Nina Williams

Nina Tekken magazine scan
play THE PLAYSTATION (GER) December 2005 / Vol 9, No. 13 / Holiday Issue For the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation brand, German magazine play THE PLAYSTATION ran a 7 page spread titled "Happy Birthday PlayStation!" to congratulate the PlayStation on 10 years of exceptional success and to look back at the console's origin, its development and its launch, and also things like special edition models, the PocketStation, the creation of the PS logo and of course the original PlayStation's successor, The PS2. The last part of the retrospective is titled "BEAUTY COMES WITH AGE" and briefly looks at the graphical evolution of polygon characters on the PlayStation systems throughout the 10 years covered in the article. It always makes me happy to see when magazines try to not go with the most obvious choice for such categories, namely Lara Croft. Nina's regular outings on Sony's consoles and the continuous improvement of her in-game character model really make her a shining example to prove that beauty does indeed come with age (..if you're a non-aging video game character in a virtual world, that is).

"Over the years PlayStation saw a number of video game characters emerge, growing with the console. Names like Lara Croft or Nina Williams come to mind. Using the attractive Tekken amazon as an example, we depict a coarsely-pixelated PlayStation heroine evolve into a smart PS2 beauty. And there's no end in sight for Nina's remarkable career. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is currently rumoured for PS3."

...Rumours of a PlayStation3 TTT2 in 2005? Well, it took an awfully long 7 years, but those rumours turned out to be true after all. (!) I will have to research if this magazine, at one point, also happened to be predicting a Death by Degrees 2...