May 05, 2013

WIP 004 - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams

Nina Williams Character Model Work in Pregress
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams. 
Here we have Nina's original 1999 Tekken Tag Tournament face mesh. I put together the face texture (UV's still need work) and enhanced a hair mesh I stole from a lesser blonde who starrs in the Resident Evil game series :-) ...

Nina Williams Tekken Character Model
Nina Williams Tekken Mesh Texture
Nina Williams Tekken Face 3D CG
Nina Williams Tekken Project Character Model
  It still looks rough, but you get the idea.


  1. Wow, this is starting to look pretty fantastic now. Great work!

  2. Exelent work, i am so happy there are many of us who missed the Original Nina from DBD, T2 and T3. Dont forget to pull her lips and eyebrows a bit because Nina's lips and eyebrows are some pulled out from the face, check it! :D

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback, Phantom!
      I haven't touched the UV yet, that's why some areas are horribly skewed. I will definitely fix that, don't worry :-)
      I miss old Nina, too, sometimes, and eventually this will pretty much be what I'd imagine an HD update of her Tekken3/TagTournament self to look like.