March 09, 2015

Nina Williams Tekken 3 Arcade Decal

Tekken 3 Arcade machine decal
I found this the first week right after I moved to London. It's a roughly 70 cm tall decal from the Tekken 3 Arcade machine. It provides a good look at Nina's Tekken 3 arcade character model, which has quite a few advantages when compared to the one found in the PlayStation console release of Tekken 3, like higher resolution textures and a higher poly mesh (e.g. the hands, which boast individually modelled fingers on the arcade model whereas the console counterpart only had a solid block with a finger texture applied to it).

Back to Blogging - from London

You didn't think I would just leave this place behind and never come back, did you? I've been travelling for the past couple of months, moved to London in January, and spent my first few weeks here flat hunting. All of that is out of the way now. I found a beautiful home in Canary Wharf, and I work in videogames now (/currently), which is so very different from what I've done before, yet still so close to my interests. I mainly work with Nintendo, though, so don't expect any super rare, top secret Namco art assets just yet. ;-)

September 14, 2014

Character Model Library: Tekken 4's Nina Williams

Tekken character model 3D
With smart people on the internet constantly finding new and improved ways to access videogame data of formerly unknown formats and/or unintelligible code I decided it's time to collect, store and document the many incarnations Nina Williams went through over the years, in a convenient way that would let me easily access and view her different 3D models.

August 31, 2014

CR鉄拳 Tekken Pachinko - Nina Williams CG Cinematics Compilation

Tekken Pachinko CG Video Scenes Compilation
I finally found a way to upload a compilation video of the complete set of Nina and Anna scenes from CR鉄拳 without YouTubes compression doing horrible things to the image quality. Viewed at 1920x1080 full-screen this compilation video will display the cinematics in their original resolution as found in the iOS App (400x224 and 400x256). Naturally, Youtube's compression is still present, but not as noticable as in the previous video. Enjoy.

August 22, 2014

Tekken Pachislot trumps competitors with Nina Williams content en masse

Tekken Pachi-slot Nina CG scenes Yamasa
Goddamn, and I thought CR鉄拳 had a lot of Nina content. Well, it got trumped by 鉄拳3rd in that regard, the Yamasa developed pachi-slot machine that has been released to Japanese pachi-slot/pachinko parlors in early July, and just recently got ported to iOS mobile devices.

August 20, 2014

CR鉄拳 Tekken Pachinko - Nina Williams Edition /Part 1

CR鉄拳 Nina Williams Video Anna Fight
Here's part 1 of my edit of video footage featuring the Williams sisters from the CR鉄拳 pachinko iOS app.