December 06, 2012

All Wii U exclusive Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features

Here's a blonde.bomb first: I haven't yet touched this version of the game myself (due to lack of Wii U), still, I'm happy to present to you a breakdown of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's new Wii U exclusive features, starring Nina Williams...

December 01, 2012

Shirogumi CG wizardry for Death by Degrees - Nina Williams

Tekken Bikini Swimsuit Costume CGI
In an effort to highlight the beauty of Shirogumi's masterful CG wizardry I put some of my direct-feed screen captures of Death by Degrees' stunning FMV cinematics through a very extensive (and in 2 cases several-hours-long) 'Photoshop remastering process'. Now that sounds pretentious doesn't it :-D Check out the results and a little history lesson on Shirogumi Inc. after the jump...