July 10, 2013

Classic PVS-5 for Classic Nina Williams

Nina Williams night vision PVS 5
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Classic Nina Williams /Tekken OVA - SpecOps
In the 1998 OVA "Tekken The Motion Picture" Nina can be seen wearing a black face mask variation of AN/PVS-5A night vision goggles, a second generation binocular night vision viewing system developed in the late 1970s...

PVS-5 night vision goggles side Nina WilliamsPVS5 night vision goggles
This device was rumored to be in use with the CIA and outfits like Delta Force as early as 1979 before entering the US military service as a top of the line night vision device in the early 1980s for a variety of applications, such as for vehicle drivers, riflemen, and unit leaders. I was contemplating using some of the more modern devices that are readily available as 3D models online, but I totally dig the very classic look of the PVS-5s and decided to be as true to the Anime as possible. I haven't yet decided on whether I should texture them green like the US Military version or black like the variant used by the Israel Defense Forces, though.

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