September 28, 2013

New CR Tekken footage of Nina Williams

Tekken Pachinko Pachislot Movie CG
As was pointed out to me by fellow Nina fan and reader of this blog, Fredrik, new footage of CR Tekken (you know, that soon-to-be-released Japanese pachinko) has been released online. Mixing some familiar Tekken FMV scenes with a lot of new exclusive prerendered CGI it features video introductions for a selection of 9 characters, and luckily for us Nina afficionados Nina's scenes are beautiful, action packed and all new. [In an effort to tame the picture clutter I will be using jump breaks from now on. For more info and additional pictures - I usually have lots of them - please click the "read more" link below]

CR Tekken Pachinko Nina Williams Art
Tekken Pachinko Fields Bisty Pachislot
Nina Williams CG Movie Tekken

Nina Tekken CGI
Nina Tekken CG Prerendered Cinematic
Tekken fans in Japan had a chance to check out the new Tekken pachinko in person and a few of them were kind enough to record and upload off-screen footage for those of us who are unlikely to ever experience CR Tekken in-person. While the character artwork of Nina in her black Death by Degrees number seems to have been replaced by an animated mid-action render of Nina in her default combat suit, we get a look at Nina's character introduction movie where she points a gun towards the camera right before u/f+1 Anna off the screen. Another video sees Jin facing off against Jack-6 when Nina suddenly appears to lend a hand, and the camera switches to slow-motion, focusing on Nina's face. A short but nicely 'shot' action sequence follows which shows Nina cinematically pulling off her Geyser Cannon move against Jack before rising in front of Jin, talking some Japanese and pulling a Skull Splitter on Jack.
Nina's character model seems to be completely new, modeled specifically for this pachinko game, and, indeed, is quite the stunner! It almost looks a bit like Namco/Fields/Bisty (one of the three) has been looking at Capcom's version of Nina for inspiration. Good on them (!), that model was extremely well done. (For reference take a look at Capcom's brilliant high-poly cinematics-model for Street Fighter X Tekken here and here). 
With Bisty's and Fields' track record of putting out particularly story driven pachinko experiences I'm very excited for CR Tekken. We will hopefully have HD videos aplenty to look at once the CR Tekken pachinko releases this November.
Watch the character CR Tekken's character intos at 
Watch Nina's action sequence VS Jack-6 at


  1. Thank you soo much, for mentioning me c: , so cool that you found the video

    1. Ha, no, thank YOU for sending me that email! Really appreciated it!
      You found it first :-D

  2. Nice news, thanks & and for link on video too.

    1. Sure! Most of the videos are still a bit rough, but once more people get their hands on the game, we should be seeing some nice stuff. Would be great to get some direct feed from Bisty/Fields/Namco directly...

  3. First of all, nice find, mister Fredrik. You are doing important work in service of our fair lady. :)

    Second: Oh yes, these look very sweet. It's not quite my favourite FMV Nina look - much as with SFxTK her hair's too close to banana-colour - but it's very slickly animated, and given the fight-based content I'm impressed they took the time to craft new renders and didn't just use captured gameplay video from TTT2 or something. Wondering now if there's more Nina material still to be seen - do we know if each of the featured characters is 'playable' or do you get forced to use Jin or whoever and the others crop up at preset moments?

    Third: Holy hell the mechanical parts of that machine are INSANE. I want one for my house and I wouldn't even play it, just let it sit in the corner, flashing lights and swinging neon Kazama tattoos all over the shop.

    1. Damn right, good job Mister Fredrik! With my HUGE network of "little birds" I feel almost as omniscient and ubiquitous as a certain gelded Spider. ;-)))

      I'm almost certain that there'll be even more Nina material in the final game. Her character intro had footage of her confronting Anna which was basically the same animations as that sequence of her fighting Jack, so I presume it was "gameplay" and that the brief scenes of her pulling the gun are probably snippets of another "gameplay" moment as well. Should be great; I love it when they show her using a weapon. #RareScenes

      It does look very much like Jin is the main "playable" character, or better, the storyline's central focus, with the other characters joining or opposing him in the course of the game. I'm only 90% sure though.

      After watching footage of the actual pachinko for almost an hour I had a major headache and can't even imagine how agro I'd go on that thing if I had one playing in some corner of my house. I think I'll stick to swinging by your place for a quick game every now and then :-)

  4. Take a look at this, this is complete version of video,more Nina...and Anna versus screen !

    1. Nice find, sccatke! You would not believe how many YT videos I've watched of random people playing the pachinko just to see Nina's scenes and none of them really had any.
      The Nina vs Anna sword fight is ridiculously awesome. Thanks so much for posting the link!

  5. thx for psosting this link!