October 06, 2013

Nina Williams Nude - ClickBait Edition

Tekken Nina Williams SoulCalibur
With Namco's recent trademark filing for SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul, plus SoulCalibur Lost Swords and SoulCalibur 2 HD Online releasing later this year, this thought came back to me again; Nina in a Soul game - why isn't this a thing already? Tekken's Yoshimitsu has been a member of the cast since 1998's SoulCalibur, Heihachi was a playable guest character in SoulCalibur 2 and, above all, Namco themselves planted the idea of an iron clad, sword fighting, medieval version of Nina into my head with her Tekken 5 ending FMV - a major tease if ever there was one. So here's my request, Namco: Nina Williams for SoulCalibur6/7/whateverIcanWait6! And while you're at it (cos I know one of the three people reading this blog MUST be working for Namco, dead sure...) click "read more" to get an idea of the kind of "damage models" your next gen Soul game should feature (...)