June 12, 2013

First PHICEN Nina customer pictures

Tekken Nina Williams Action Figure 1:6 1/6
Pictures of PHICEN's NINA VER.1.0 have been popping up online after preorders were dispatched earlier this month...
While my figure is still on its way, several collectors over on the OSW forums and Craig from Craig's Pillar of Justice have already gotten theirs. I'm really happy with the way she turned out, from what I can see on the pictures. I will have a detailed review up once mine arrives in the mail.
You can buy PHICEN's NINA at one of your local places or, as I did, directly through SMcG's official site smcgcustoms.com

Pictures of the figure + packing were taken by and belong to OSW forum user DeltaForceChung. Read his review at onesixthwarriors.com

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