June 22, 2013

Nina Williams on British sitcom Spaced

Simon Pegg Star Trek Spaced Nina Williams
Let's play 'Six Degrees of' for a second here. What does Nina Williams have to do with Star Trek's Scotty?...
Well, not much really, they only appeared on TV together!!!! In the late 90s early 2000s, Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Mission Impossible 4, Shaun of the Dead) and English actress/writer Jessica Stevenson starred in the British television sitcom Spaced which saw a very special someone cameo in its 7th episode:

(Synopsis: Tim (Pegg) is ecstatic when his ex-girlfriend Sarah decides she wants him back; Daisy (Stevenson) is less so, causing much tension around the flat.)

Many thanks to the lovely Craig for tipping me off on this show.

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