February 22, 2013

Death by Degrees environmental concept artwork

Nina Williams Cruise Ship Design
Death by Degrees' beautiful environmental artwork. Stunning how very close to the concept art most all of the sceneries in the game turned out to be. The level design in Death by Degrees is one of the things I love most about the game - Divided into 3 main environmental sections, you start out on a luxury cruise ship and, after being taken hostage and exploring a huge island based penitentiary, you return back to the ship and reveal its deeper secrets in the final chapter of the game. The concept art, which can be unlocked in the game, includes design sketches of the ship's art d├ęco, Japanese and imperial interiors, the roman ruins inspired swimming pool and several orlop deck facilities and laboratories. Take a look at the actual images unlockable in the game, extracted from the PlayStation 2 DVD, after the jump (and try to spot the little Nina sketches that are hidden in some of them)...

Video Game Conceptual Art
Video Game Concept Drawing
Namco Level Design Artworks
Momoko Daigo Environmental Artist Namco
Ryo Saida Environmental Artist Namco
Namco concept Drawing Sketch
Video Game Level Design Sketch
Chikako Iwama Environmental Artist
Cruise Ship Level Design Drawing
Video Game Environmental Artwork
Tomohisa Oda Set Artist Namco
Tama Ueno Environmental Artist Namco
Ryoko Watanabe Environmental Artist Namco
Yuriko Sera Set Prop Artist Namco
Masashi Kunugi Set Prop Artist Namco
Environmental Artwork Level Design
Conceptual Artwork Level Design
Video Game Environmental Art Concept
Namco Video Game Level Design
Nina Williams Video Game Namco Concept
Kentaro Tamura Environmental Artist Namco
Hiromi Sagara Environmental Artist Namco
Shigemasa Saito Lead Artist Namco
Rena Takahashi Environmental Artist Namco
Japanese Video Game Artwork Concept
Nina Williams Spin Off Game
Masashi Sadakane Namco Environmental Artist
Namco Video Game Concept Art
Nina Williams Artwork Level Design
Video Game Concept Artworks Namco
Video Game Concept Drawing Art
Kaname Iuchi Lead Artist Namco
Video Game Level Design Art
Video Game Concept Artwork
Nina Williams Tekken Spin Off
Shinji Nagatani Environment Artist Namco
Tadashi Tanaka Environmental Artist Namco
Tekken's Nina Williams Game
Tekken Nina Williams Concept Art
Miho Tounai Environmental Artist Namco


  1. Ah yes, this concept art...man, the amount of hours I wasted on the bonus Stingray levels just trying to get more of it was unreal. (and the honeycomb locks too, but I actually enjoy those for the challenge so that's no biggie)

    If there would be one thing I'd change about DbD...well, it'd probably be the limited save stations and lack of checkpoints, which felt odd at the time and is really archaic now; but in terms of design, I wish they'd come up with a way to unify the prison stage with the cruise ship. I LOVE the exaggerated, colourful glamour and elegance of the boat, even its more mechanical areas, which have a clean, futuristic aesthetic, but the prison really is just a grey eyesore by comparison and ruins the whole classic Bond Movie feel they had going.

  2. Hi I'm actually in love with your blog! I have spent litrally YEARS trying to find concept art from Death By Degrees and you have given it to me! Thank you so much!

    If I could be so blod, I wish to ask you if you could send me these images and anymore if you have any and if it wouldn't be to much trouble! I would be forever in your Debt!

    My email - Fkedupcamels@aol.com

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you!!! Happy to hear.
      The images I posted are the exact same ones I extracted from the PS2 game DVD (only slightly larger). If you were looking for higher res images, I'm afraid they have never been released.
      Until Namco decides to release these artworks, ripping the low res PS2 files is the best I can do. Sorry.
      But I do indeed have some more of these saved somewhere on my hdd. I will update the blog with a bunch of them later today.
      Thanks for the interest.