April 28, 2013

Nina Williams PHICEN figure preorders ending May 5th

Nina Tekken figure Phicen 1:6
Just a short reminder: Preorders for PHICEN's 1:6 scale Nina Williams collectible figure are ending May 5th. More on this stunning piece later (/pieces actually, as the figure comes with a plethora of accessories), in my interview with Chad, the man behind SMcG Customs, who has worked with PHICEN on several pop culture femme fatale beauties before, and basically is the reason this figure exists. You can preorder NINA VER. 1.0 through one of your local places or, as I did, directly through SMcG's official site smcgcustoms.com

April 20, 2013

Death by Degrees character design artwork

Anna Williams Heihachi Artwork Death by Degrees
Death by Degrees' beautiful character design artwork. The concept art, which is one of the game's many bonus unlockables, includes designs for protagonist Nina Williams, her main antagonists, and basically every other character in the game. Check out the actual image files extracted from the PlayStation 2 DVD after the jump...

April 09, 2013

WIP 003 - 3D Capturing Death by Degrees' Nina Williams

Death by Degrees Nina Williams CG
WORK.IN.PROGRESS To extract the games higher-poly in-engine 3D assets I had to play through Death by Degrees for what felt like the 47th time, this time frantically meticulously capturing frame after frame. Ughhh...

April 07, 2013

Tekken Card Tournament - Addictive Nina Deck Building Extravaganza

Tekken Card iPhone Screenshot
The one mobile game that saved my life on a very lonesome train ride back home. Tekken Card Tournament released 3 days ago among iOS and Android devices, and I haven’t stopped playing since. This little fucker triggered all the predictable OCD/addiction/collecting patterns of behaviour for me, and I love it...