August 21, 2013

Augmented Reality Nina Unbirthday Surprise

Tekken Card AR Rare Physical
I visited my family for the weekend, and thanks to my brother - who's a fan of unbirthday gifting and totally awesome btw -  I finally had the chance to try out the augmented reality feature of the physical TCT cards...

TCT Nina Augmented Reality
TCT Tekken Card Nina Super Rare
Tekken Card Augmented Reality Rare
Tekken Card Nina Physical Cards AR
AR Nina doing her default fighting stance movement on infinite loop is a neat little feature. The big surprise though - also pictured above - were the two factory sealed Japanese copys of Death by Degrees, the official Japanese Death by Degrees demo in an unopened cardboard sleeve, and a factory sealed, absolutely mint copy of the 13 years old (NTSC-version-with-Nina-on-the-cover-)Tekken Tag Tournament, the latter of which I was never able to hunt down myself (Well I did, one time, but it was 300 $ on eBay, and therefore a pass). I love my brother! I also love the 364 unbirthdays I have each year!!


  1. Ooh, nice haul!

    I admit I've never quite seen the point of getting other-formats versions of the games like this (even when, as with the Jap DbD, the cover is more to my liking), but props for sheer completionism anyway.

    And no, I haven't had the chance to get more cards yet. :( The end of this month is sticky financially, a few big toy buys plus Saints Row 4 and mum's birthday...bah.

    1. :-D Hope you didn't cheap out on your mum's birthday gift.

      With the other-formats versions I'm solely interested in the ones that have Nina on the cover. The JP and EU versions of Tag1 only had Kazuya, and if I had the means back then, I would have bought just the US one.
      A factory sealed copy of Tekken 2 (US or EU) would be the absolute jackpot for me; after all these years it's still my favourite Tekken/Nina cover. Tekken 3 was shit, and 4 was by far the shittiest. After Death by Degrees' critical failure I thought I'd never see Nina on a cover for a Tekken game again. Then Tekken 6 happened, and TTT2 followed suit.