June 12, 2013

WIP 006 - Classic Nina Williams in Tekken Anime Outfit

Tekken Nina Williams character model CG
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Classic Nina Williams /Tekken OVA Outfit 1.
For my first rendition of the classic late-90s Nina Williams character model (as used in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament) I chose one of her looks from the 1997/'98 Anime Tekken: The Motion Picture...

Tekken Anime Motion Picture NinaNina Tekken character model project
Once more I've raided Resident Evil's impressive collection of beautifully modeled video game characters to put this model together, mostly for gear. 
I quite like the colours they used on the Anime version, so I still have to apply a purple-grey camo print to the pants and colour-correct some of the other stuff. Also, in the movie she's wearing night vision goggles in one scene, and I really want those on my model. I've been looking everywhere for a pair, but no luck, so I will have to model them from scratch. I feel like the texture on her arms needs a bit of work, too ... 
After this one is done I will probably work on another outfit of hers that has never been featured in any of the games' gameplay. Right now I'm thinking her Tekken Tag Tournament intro movie get-up, grey turtleneck + leather skirt and jacket, but that might change.
There are a bunch of outfits she has worn exclusively in Tekken's CG sequences. If you have an outfit in mind, or a favourite one you'd like to see on Classic Nina, please let me know in the comments.


  1. Great blog. And great work!


  2. Great page, I really like your posts! Good luck!
    Maybe some... winter outfit? - Christmas is comming ;)