February 16, 2013

WIP 002 - Extracting Death by Degrees' Nina Williams

CG Tekken CGI Render
WORK.IN.PROGRESS My initial project - crafting my own Nina Williams character model - has just come to a halt. Having finished work on the face and hair meshes, and their respective textures (I previewed a WIP of the face texture in my last post) I was looking for a way to take a few good shots of Nina's character model in Death by Degrees, for reference purposes. Not minding the time and digging deeper and deeper it just so happened that I found there's a way to extract whole models and sceneries directly from the PlayStation 2 DVD...

Nina Williams Tekken Namco
3d Render CG Tekken
Tekken Nina Williams Sniper
Playstation Tekken Rip Game Models
Tekken Videogame Models Extract
Even better, contrary to what I thought, some of the cutscenes utilizing Nina's higher-poly in-engine model (Namco scaled down the poly count for the in-game version) are real-time instead of prerendered videos, meaning their assets are extractable as well. Who knew?!
There's quite a bit of work that needs to be done on all of the scenes as they are all being heavily messed up when exported. Each one will take several hours/days of manual bug fixing (I'm so painfully slow) and I still need to find a way to extract the textures used in them, but it finally -FINALLY- looks like my urge for an HD version of Death by Degrees will be fulfilled after all, if only just in images.


  1. What tool did you use to extract models and sceneries directly from the DVD ?

    1. I use PCSX2 to extract the 3D data and then edit the meshes in Blender. All the tools are free.

      Here's a great tutorial covering the whole process (incl how to get textures and fix them):

    2. Thanks for responding. I had read this answer elsewhere in your blog. I was refering to in a paragraph up higher in this page you had mentioned you found "way to extract whole models and sceneries directly from the PlayStation 2 DVD".

      But anyway - regarding textures. I am not sure if you found the tool to extract TIM2 textures from the game already. But this tool TextER.rar from the site http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/659/ allowed me to get some 200 mb of TIM2 textures from game DISK directly DATA2.D ( or DATA1.D) direclty. I did not try all the other DATA files yet. Included is Nina's face texture. Now to open and convert those TIM2 files - Game Graphic Studio http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/660/ allows you to open, view them and convert them to other formats. If you want to communicate directly with me - let me know as a reply and I will send email to you email.

    3. Thanks for the tools! Very useful.
      If you haven't already, see the post below. Apparently nitrocart has managed to extract the models in T-pose.
      How, I don't know, but hopefully he'll let us know soon.
      My email is nico.green.star@googlemail.com
      Always happy to hear from other DbD game file ripping enthusiasts about their findings.

  2. good!
    I wanted realistic textures BECAUSE THEASE BAD http://nitrocart.deviantart.com/gallery/
    I ported this model for xnalara

    1. You're killing me here! I have no idea how you managed to extract the models. Did you write the python script yourself?
      I'm shocked... in a good way ... the best way! Can't wait to hear from you!