July 21, 2014

Of elusive renders and broken dreams - Tekken 4's Nina Williams

Tekken 4 press kit collector
Throughout the years Namco have sent out some of the industry's nicest press kits for its Tekken series, each of them designed beautifully, usually packing some cool and creative memorabilia. When I got my hands on the Tekken 4 press kit I couldn't help but ignore all this and instead tear open carefully unwrap the box to find the holy grail each of these press-exclusive sets comes with: the press disc. Would I finally solve the mystery of Nina's official Tekken 4 CG artwork? Was the beautiful headshot we got when the game released back in 2002 indeed just a close-up, cut from a full-body render, the ones Namco has created for every single one of the Tekken games. Where else, apart from Namco's servers or Harada's personal HDD, would I possibly be able to find this elusive artwork if not on Tekken 4's official and extremely rare press disc?

July 17, 2014

CR Tekken Pachinko Nina Williams goodness for the iPhone

CR鉄拳 Nina Williams scene

Imagine the look on my face when I found the CR Tekken pachinko (CR鉄拳) released as an ipad/iphone game on the Japanese appstore. Finally, no need to sit through hour long youtube videos of people playing the pachinko anymore, just to get a shaky-cam glimpse at some never-to-be-seen-live-in-the-west Nina goodness.

July 15, 2014

Unreal Engine 4 to power Tekken 7 and Next Gen Nina Williams

Tekken 7 title card design
The 2 most exciting things about Tekken 7's announcement (both unconfirmed, both very likely): Tekken for PC & Next Gen Current Gen New Gen Nina powered by Unreal Engine 4.