August 02, 2013

Physical Tekken Card Tournament boosters available in stores now

Tekken Card Booster Packs Box Cards Nina
With my weekly GamesPress digest news letter came confirmation that physical cards for Tekken Card Tournament are now officially available in stores. Even better news: Tekken's First Lady seems to also be Tekken Card Tournament's official poster girl, gracing the stand-up display of every counter top dispenser next to poster boy Kazuya...

TCT Nina Xiaoyu Tekken Cards Very Rare
Tekken Card Tournament Heihachi Character New
You can also see one of Nina's rare "art cards" on the side of the box. Sold in booster packs of five cards each, there are currently 191 collectible cards in total. Each card carries a unique QR code to unlock the card itself and/or specific bonuses and power-ups in the mobile/PC game. Certain cards can also be scanned to create brand new cards in-game which of course will have the user gain advantages over players who don't have access to the physical cards. Since you have to be online to play the game anyway, this shouldn't really be an issue, though; the physical cards are easily available online. Certain character cards can be scanned in using the augmented reality feature of the app which will superimpose a moving 3D model of the character on the environment displayed on your mobile device's screen while in camera mode, so you can take lots of awkward pictures of your favourite character Nina in totally absurd places.... at least, that's what I will do. 
The whole collection of 191 cards consists of 64 basic, 48 elite, 44 rare silver foil, 17 super rare gold-foil and 18 art cards. The 18 art cards can be collected as sets of 9 which will each form exclusive artwork with the cards reversed. Collectors also have the ability to play a streamlined standalone game with friends using the cards only. 
Oh, and Heihachi has been added to the game's roster. With the help of physical cards you'll get extra chances to unlock super rare powers for the old geezer. Here's the new trailer.
Tekken Card Tournament booster packs can be purchased from the following retailers:

Worldwide: Gamestop, Amazon
GBR: GAME (Nationwide) from 6th August 2013, Amazon (Online), Stans Games (Falmouth and Cornwall), That Game Shop (Nottingham), DJ Computers (Bristol), Lees Games (Morecambe), Barkman Computers (Surrey), Games Centre (Scotland), Xbite (Sheffield), Playtime (Doncaster, Sheffield and Nottingham), That's Entertainment (Essex), JD Games (Carmarthenshire), Insane Games (Somerset).
TWN: Sinchi Toy, Pu Lei Yi TV Game, Texas TV Game, Sinhan Toy, Game Mall, Street Game Mall, Funbox Toy and Toy Park
HKG: Wanchai 188 Center, Kwun Tong Hiu Lai Court, Mongkok Sino Center, North Point City, Kwun Tong Yue Man Square.
NLD: Gamemania
SGP:Comics Connection 
THA: CD Gamer 
PHL: Data Blitz 

Picture of art cards for Xiaoyu, Nina and Asuka via Siliconera

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