April 07, 2013

Tekken Card Tournament - Addictive Nina Deck Building Extravaganza

Tekken Card iPhone Screenshot
The one mobile game that saved my life on a very lonesome train ride back home. Tekken Card Tournament released 3 days ago among iOS and Android devices, and I haven’t stopped playing since. This little fucker triggered all the predictable OCD/addiction/collecting patterns of behaviour for me, and I love it...

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Tekken Card Tournament Screenshot
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Tekken Elite Card Fusion Feature
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The concept is fairly simple, and a laudable tutorial, the app’s coherent design and an accessible and intuitive interface make this game extremely beginner friendly. Once you dive deeper into the system you’ll find a surprisingly complex and well-conceived tactics game with well-balanced character traits, interesting card effects and an effective trophy achievements reward system. God, it is so good, I’m not even kidding. I’ve never had any interest in trading card games before, but this is the one app that I keep coming back to, multiple times per day, every single coffee break.
I’m currently a level 12, my Nina deck is at C. I only had the chance to play 2 online PVP matches (both of which I won, …) before they shut down the servers for the weekend (apparently there's too many people playing right now). PVP battles will be up again on Monday and I cannot wait to try Online Championship mode! You can also add friends and even create teams if you want. Hit me up, my username is nicoTicon
I’m glad Namco decided for this card game to represent the Tekken franchise on smartphones, instead of a shoddy port of a console Tekken which would never work right on touch devices anyway. I'm really looking forward to the physical booster packs of game cards that will go on sale in early summer, with their QR code crossover feature and augmented reality effects. Many weeks of crazy OCD collector shopping sprees ahead!
Bravo C4M+NamcoBandai!


  1. Epic fail game, my opinion. Now i'm play in Magic The Gathering 2013

    1. I just looked up this Magic 2013 game and saw it's a card game too. So I guess its game mechanics suit your liking better than TCT's.
      Maybe it's because I have never played any trading card game before and therefore can't compare different gameplay styles, but I'm having such a blast with Tekken Card. Also, I feel like I would have a hard time getting invested in a game to a franchise I know nothing about /Magic.

  2. I've actually found the game to be really fun. The game seems basic at the beginning, but quickly you will find that the gameplay is very deep! I can build the deck I want in this game, instead of a pre-built deck from Magic on my iPad... Great game for me!

    1. I like the gameplay, I like PVP battles, I LOVE building my deck(s). It's really quite a challenge to decide which cards to incorporate when there are so many good cards with really useful features. I'm starting to appreciate healing effect cards more and more, which I totally ignored before.
      Currently I spend most of my ingame time playing around with the card market and card fusion features. But I guess that'll change once the servers are up and I can try Championship.
      So addictive!

  3. Only just started playing this - my Kindle is a new acquisition and I'm still trying to hammer through the temperamental Dead Space game for it - but I really like what I've played so far. It has the right mix of actual strategy vs. luck/guesswork to be unpredictable yet not unfair, and it feels like there's a lot of potential depth to be mined from its combat system and deck building. I haven't cared so much about anything involving cards since Baten Kaitos!

    My username is Dr._Venom but I'm only at level 2 right now. Also: really hope there's some sort of alt-costumes released as bonus content in future, aside from the predictable roster expansion.

    1. haha we share one mind, Craig. First thing I checked in the ingame shop was if there were any costumes available to buy... :-/

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