July 03, 2013

A0 does Nina Williams for blonde bomb blog

Tekken Nina Accuracy0 artwork drawing art
Nina Williams in Louis Vuitton by talented Malaysian artist Nic "Accuracy0" Goh, short A0.
Take a look at A0's art on deviantart. (There's more of Nina in his gallery, amongst beautiful b/w and coloured character art, concept designs and other artworks)


  1. Meant to post (much) earlier, but this is a really great pic. :)

    I'd seen A0's other Nina drawings before and really dug them; he just really nails the sense of calculating intelligence behind her eyes whenever he draws her face, y'know? Not a lot of artists (even some official ones) can get that right. (on an off-topic note, A0 also wins bonus points with me for doing a Faora portrait as his new avatar) (if he puts both ladies in one piece my head may explode)

    1. I don't want your head to explode, really, so we better not give him any ideas.
      Your newfound love for Faora... hmmm, I hope it's just a phase. Nina certainly won't like the thought of having to share your love with another kick-ass female assassin type character. This is not going to end well...

    2. Given the scarcity/crapness of Superman videogames, Nina has nothing to worry about...unless Hot Toys do a 1/6 Faora, in which case...

      ...I'm gonna start clearing out the rest of my shelf in advance. Don't want collateral damage claiming the rest of my figs when those gals throw down. (one who Wesker-punched a small town to rubble vs. one who has gunfights that last for DAYS at a time??? :o )