January 30, 2013

WIP 001 - Retexturing Tekken Tag's Nina Williams

Tekken Nina Williams CG texture
WORK.IN.PROGRESS For a project I'm working on, I wanted to create a more detailed version of Nina's Tekken Tag Tournament (1) face texture. Tekken 3/TTT Nina has always been my favourite of all her character designs, and I still think she looked her best in the late 90s...

January 24, 2013

magazine scan - PPS - PlayStation retrospective featuring Nina Williams

Nina Tekken magazine scan
play THE PLAYSTATION (GER) December 2005 / Vol 9, No. 13 / Holiday Issue For the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation brand, German magazine play THE PLAYSTATION ran a 7 page spread titled "Happy Birthday PlayStation!" to congratulate the PlayStation on 10 years of exceptional success and to look back at the console's origin, its development and its launch, and also things like special edition models, the PocketStation, the creation of the PS logo and of course the original PlayStation's successor, The PS2. The last part of the retrospective is titled "BEAUTY COMES WITH AGE" and briefly looks at the graphical evolution of polygon characters on the PlayStation systems throughout the 10 years covered in the article. It always makes me happy to see when magazines try to not go with the most obvious choice for such categories, namely Lara Croft. Nina's regular outings on Sony's consoles and the continuous improvement of her in-game character model really make her a shining example to prove that beauty does indeed come with age (..if you're a non-aging video game character in a virtual world, that is).

"Over the years PlayStation saw a number of video game characters emerge, growing with the console. Names like Lara Croft or Nina Williams come to mind. Using the attractive Tekken amazon as an example, we depict a coarsely-pixelated PlayStation heroine evolve into a smart PS2 beauty. And there's no end in sight for Nina's remarkable career. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is currently rumoured for PS3."

...Rumours of a PlayStation3 TTT2 in 2005? Well, it took an awfully long 7 years, but those rumours turned out to be true after all. (!) I will have to research if this magazine, at one point, also happened to be predicting a Death by Degrees 2...

January 21, 2013

magazine scan - PSM - Nina Williams headlines PlayStation 2 2005 Preview

I've been going through a whole bunch of old video game magazines lately. At one point a few years ago I was buying stacks and stacks of gaming mags on eBay, looking for things to add to my collection - be it reviews, previews, cover stories or just some random article mentioning Nina or featuring her picture. So, I've been trying to sort out the collection, listing all the magazines I own and - above all - the magazines I still need to track down and buy. With this list in my hands it looks like I still have quite a few hours days months of eBay grinding ahead of me. At the same time, I've dug up some - more or less - interesting/funny/informative/completely random stuff from the gaming magazines of yesteryear that I will scan peu à peu and post here. Don't expect anything groundbreaking, I'll basically post anything that is more than just 2 words and a picture, thus 3 words and a picture will do just fine, so expect triviality...

January 12, 2013

Tekken 3 x Star Wars - Nina Williams "red card" figure

Star Wars Power Of The Force

Tekken Namco Action Figures
This must be one of the coolest and most unique promotional figures Namco has ever created for any of their games. Check out why, after the jump...

January 05, 2013

3D model - Tekken 6 Nina Williams sniper

3D character model showcase - Nina Williams from Tekken 6 /sniper
This is a flash animation, so you will need Flash Player to view the file. Give it a few seconds to load. 720 individual shots combined into 360 keyframes... needless to say, this was a beast to do. *headache* Visit my deviantart for full credits.