July 30, 2013

Review of PHICEN's Nina Williams Death by Degrees Collectors' Figure

Nina Williams Figure Tekken Phicen SMCG
At last! After a month long odyssey basically just being stuck at customs, PHICEN's Nina finally showed up, and man was she worth the wait...

July 10, 2013

Classic PVS-5 for Classic Nina Williams

Nina Williams night vision PVS 5
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Classic Nina Williams /Tekken OVA - SpecOps
In the 1998 OVA "Tekken The Motion Picture" Nina can be seen wearing a black face mask variation of AN/PVS-5A night vision goggles, a second generation binocular night vision viewing system developed in the late 1970s...

July 03, 2013

A0 does Nina Williams for blonde bomb blog

Tekken Nina Accuracy0 artwork drawing art
Nina Williams in Louis Vuitton by talented Malaysian artist Nic "Accuracy0" Goh, short A0.
Take a look at A0's art on deviantart. (There's more of Nina in his gallery, amongst beautiful b/w and coloured character art, concept designs and other artworks)