February 22, 2013

Death by Degrees environmental concept artwork

Nina Williams Cruise Ship Design
Death by Degrees' beautiful environmental artwork. Stunning how very close to the concept art most all of the sceneries in the game turned out to be. The level design in Death by Degrees is one of the things I love most about the game - Divided into 3 main environmental sections, you start out on a luxury cruise ship and, after being taken hostage and exploring a huge island based penitentiary, you return back to the ship and reveal its deeper secrets in the final chapter of the game. The concept art, which can be unlocked in the game, includes design sketches of the ship's art d├ęco, Japanese and imperial interiors, the roman ruins inspired swimming pool and several orlop deck facilities and laboratories. Take a look at the actual images unlockable in the game, extracted from the PlayStation 2 DVD, after the jump (and try to spot the little Nina sketches that are hidden in some of them)...

February 16, 2013

WIP 002 - Extracting Death by Degrees' Nina Williams

CG Tekken CGI Render
WORK.IN.PROGRESS My initial project - crafting my own Nina Williams character model - has just come to a halt. Having finished work on the face and hair meshes, and their respective textures (I previewed a WIP of the face texture in my last post) I was looking for a way to take a few good shots of Nina's character model in Death by Degrees, for reference purposes. Not minding the time and digging deeper and deeper it just so happened that I found there's a way to extract whole models and sceneries directly from the PlayStation 2 DVD...