October 29, 2012

1996 Tekken 2 ad campaign starring Nina Williams

Tekken CGI Render Artwork
Nina Williams CG CGI Render
"Meet Nina. Blonde, beautiful - the girl next door. That is, if you live next door to a 22-year old paid assassin. This Irish Akido [!] expert will take out anyone - from a helpless lackey to a head-of-state. It's a matter of money. It's a matter of pride. That's why she's joined 23 of the world's greatest fighters vying for the title in Tekken 2. With three new fighting modes. 23 new stages. Brand new 3D animations, and more moves and combos than any game on Earth. Nina Williams wants to prove to the world she can break hearts and bones. Guess blondes really do have more fun."

Tekken 2 Ad campaign, EGM2 Issue #29 November 1996

October 21, 2012

A closer look at SFxTK Mobile for iOS touch devices

Street Fighter Tekken iOS
Kudos, Capcom. Before I get into the details, the point that stands out to me the most with their recent release of Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile is that this game really doesn't feel like a port, this version has been reworked from the ground up to suit touch screen devices. Read my review after the jump...

October 13, 2012

Tekken Ball is the latest love child of TTT2 and the WiiU

Tekken Tag Ball WiiU Nina
The TTT2-WiiU love story continues with the latest confession of love being the return of Tekken Ball for the Nintendo console version of the fighter. No word yet on a Ball DLC for xBox or PlayStation. This really bears very little relevance to Nina, other than the official screen shot above and finally having an excuse to put her swimsuit to good use... in a game of deadly beach ball. Guess I'm just posting this because I'd like me some of that Tekken Ball feeling here, please; my vacation is being terrorized by bad weather.

October 05, 2012

Craig on SFxTK Minimates Nina, Cammy and Lili

Street Fighter Tekken Minimates
I'm still on vacation, but having just checked the shipping status of my USPS parcel I can tell you there'll be some interesting things for me to write about as soon as I return. Part of this will be my review of the Nina Williams Minimate, which has been released a couple of days ago as part of Diamond Select Toys' newest assortment of fighting Minimates: Street Fighter X Tekken. For now I will have to make do just enviously looking at other people's pictures...