September 28, 2013

New CR Tekken footage of Nina Williams

Tekken Pachinko Pachislot Movie CG
As was pointed out to me by fellow Nina fan and reader of this blog, Fredrik, new footage of CR Tekken (you know, that soon-to-be-released Japanese pachinko) has been released online. Mixing some familiar Tekken FMV scenes with a lot of new exclusive prerendered CGI it features video introductions for a selection of 9 characters, and luckily for us Nina afficionados Nina's scenes are beautiful, action packed and all new. [In an effort to tame the picture clutter I will be using jump breaks from now on. For more info and additional pictures - I usually have lots of them - please click the "read more" link below]

September 10, 2013

CR Tekken Pachinko has Nina don a fan-favourite

CR Tekken Pachinko Death by Degrees
I spy with my little eye... someone who's wearing her black Death by Degrees cocktail dress for her next Tekken pachinko outing...

September 05, 2013

Tekken Revolution and Nina Williams' face both get an update

Tekken Revolution New Face Nina
September will see the release of a major update for Namco's PlayStation3 exclusive free2play title Tekken Revolution, which will finally add Nina to the game's character roster. In the short trailer Namco released to highlight the update we get a good look at Nina's new face which received a substantial makeup makeover due to Namco's desire to prettify the female cast...