May 14, 2013

WIP 005 - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams

Tekken Nina Williams CG Character Model
WORK.IN.PROGRESS - Remodeling Classic Nina Williams. 
The UV's are looking much better now, and I've also replaced the previous hair mesh with a new one. Recognize it?...

Tekken Classic Nina Williams
Nina Williams Tekken CGI Character Design
Hadn't realized how close Tekken Tag Tournament 2's hair was to what I had in mind for this model, and all I had to do, to make it more reminiscent of Nina circa 1999, was to just remodel her fringe, edit the length of her pony-tail and change the colouring. VoilĂ ! There's some minor changes and things I still need to work on, like the tear duct part of the eyes, adding a few more polygons to the face mesh, maybe different lashes, stuff like that, but overall I'm quite happy with it so far and I'm looking forward to working on the body once I've finished the head. Deciding on the outfit will be a huge pain :-/


  1. Wooooooow. Did you create this from scratch? :O

    1. Oh, no, not at all. The head 3D mesh is the original one from the PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament, only slightly edited by me (increased poly count and other mesh edits). The hair is from her Tekken Tag 2 model, again, slightly edited to fit the head and give it the classic look.
      And even though the face texture is my "creation", it's all parts of Jill Valentine's Resident Evil 5 textures + many hours in Photoshop to make it look like classic late 90s Nina. Hope you like it.
      btw, sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation. Thanks for your comment!