September 14, 2014

Character Model Library: Tekken 4's Nina Williams

Tekken character model 3D
With smart people on the internet constantly finding new and improved ways to access videogame data of formerly unknown formats and/or unintelligible code I decided it's time to collect, store and document the many incarnations Nina Williams went through over the years, in a convenient way that would let me easily access and view her different 3D models.
Even though, originally, I wanted to start with Tekken 5 my newfound love for Tekken 4 (impressive art direction!!) convinced me to work on that game's models instead. I will blog about any progress I make whenever I find some time that I can dedicate to this little project. Ultimately my goal is to have all her past and future character models viewable on this blog in the form of 360° rotation flash "animations", just like this one from Tekken 6 I posted several months ago. This will make for a neat little library documenting Nina's evolution as a 3D videogame character. The preview images below are her Tekken 4 "Player 1" and "Player 2" character models in their raw solid-polygon mesh form. 
Work in Progress!
Tekken model extract mesh
Nina Williams model PlayStation extract
Tekken model extract PlayStation
Tekken character model extraction Nina Williams


  1. Wow, impressive work!

    Seeing the models like this, it's particularly striking just how little of the finished designs is part of the actual poly structure. I mean, we can see some of the straps on the P1 model, and if you squint you can see the outline of her...metal bra or whatever it is, but that design in final form always looks so busy, and it's shocking just how much of that is left to the texture map. The P2 suit is simpler, of course, but even then, look at how little definition there is to between the open edges of her catsuit and her exposed cleavage/midsection, or even in the tops of her boots. It's the same sensation I get with a lot of my G.I. Joe figures - so much shared tooling (sculpt) in that line, but the paintwork alone can make figures drastically different. Ditto here for textures.

    1. Absolutely. As much as I like Nina's CG render in TK4, the game itself never got much love from me, not least because it has my least favourite ingame models. Viewing the models untextured outside the game made me realize it's pretty much completely the texture maps that make her ingame model, specifically her face, look so odd. Her face is absolutely beautifully modeled and shares a lot of similarities with her previous incarnations (3 & Tag) and also looks very close to her actual profile picture. As soon as the texture maps come into play it's all thrown off the rails a bit for me pretty much.
      So, while I dislike the textures, the actual model might have just become my favourite ingame model of hers. From least liked to favourite.. Textures really make or break a model.

  2. I'd ever loved Tekken4, even when a lot of tekken's players said was horrible. Nina is a pg that I have hold in my heart from long long time, since Tekken3. And through years, Tekken4 models of Nina is still one of my favourite. She is my muse, in every girl I draw I put somehow her. Nice blog you are fantastic :))

    1. I'm the guy that have wrote little before...from Italy, Andre is my name... i can't understand how to make another thing than "anonymous" but...who care, I supppose.. ;) sorry for my english! See you

    2. :-D Hey Andre, thanks for the very nice comment!
      Always happy to hear from Nina fans. I'm glad there are so many old school fans of her who grew up with the earlier Tekken games, and still appreciate the character from back then.
      Like I said, the TK4 model of her has really grown on me. Kind of sad it took 10+ years and a closer look at the mesh to really appreciate the great job the modelers have done.
      You draw? Do you have a site or anything where I could take a look at some of your drawings? Since you mentioned Nina is a muse for pretty much all the girls you draw I'm very curious. Sounds intriguing!

    3. how to extract 3d model? tell me more

  3. hey man!
    i love nina shes a goddes and a sex icon in my honest opinion.
    i like to do 3d artworks, and it would be so nice if you could port her model to a fbx format.
    so many renders i would love to do with her t4 p2 outfit

    make renders with textures