March 09, 2015

Back to Blogging - from London

You didn't think I would just leave this place behind and never come back, did you? I've been travelling for the past couple of months, moved to London in January, and spent my first few weeks here flat hunting. All of that is out of the way now. I found a beautiful home in Canary Wharf, and I work in videogames now (/currently), which is so very different from what I've done before, yet still so close to my interests. I mainly work with Nintendo, though, so don't expect any super rare, top secret Namco art assets just yet. ;-)
But enough about me! With Tekken 7's recent "soft-release" in Japanese arcades and new info surfacing each day, these are exciting times for Tekken fans. And us Nina fans should be doubly excited since, apparently, Nina is being fully reworked. What exactly this entails and if that includes a visual make-over in addition to a retooling of her move set isn't known quite yet, but Namco holding her back for now as a time release character makes me think her update might be one of - or THE most significant in the game. Anyway, I'm back to blogging just in time to report on everything Nina in the lead up to Tekken's 20th anniversary on home consoles later this year. If London gets a Tekken 7 arcade machine, you can bet your sweet ass I'll be at that particular venue with a camera in my hand and a charger in my pocket. On that note, Lionz Den, a London Tekken Tournament is taking place on the 4th and 5th of April. If Namco announce they'll have Tekken 7 there, I will make sure to go.
On a related note, while we're talking about arcades, guess what I found when I moved to London in January... You can have a look at it in my most recent photo retro right here.


  1. You're back! NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN. It's been so lonely. :( And nice to know you're adjusting well to the new home.

    Where did you hear of this reworking? I've never seen mention of it, though admittedly I don't do much to keep up with TK7 news besides skimming Tekken Zaibatsu's front page a couple times per week. It's an interesting thought, even if I (of course) don't feel Nina needed any serious overhaul. You can't improve on perfection!

    1. Damn, my bad, I completely missed your comment. :-/
      So good to hear from you, Craig! How are you? Or should I say, how have you been? (It's been that long, hasn't it)

      I'm pretty sure Harada mentioned on twitter, that Nina is getting some work done (lol). But when I tried looking for that tweet just now, I couldn't find it anymore. Maybe I've just been reading too much neoGAF. The way people talk on there suggests it's pretty much a given that Nina is being retooled. Makes sense, as there's no way in hell she will not be in TK7 and she was probably hurt the most when juggles where nerfed and the wall game was changed. Probably needed a bit more time and was put on charactzer release for that purpose. Haven't checked Tekken Zaibatsu in years, until yesterday, and was happy to find a HUGE thread specifically on TK7 Nina right at the top of the page. I guess we're not quite alone.... :-)
      Anyway, there's this Capcom thing going on in Japan this weekend that is being live streamed on niconico. started yesterday and will continue today. Harada is planned to make a special TK7 announcement there today, and since Josie was released a few days ago it's fair to suspect he'll announce/tease the next time release character at the event... I don't wanna get my hopes up, but... Fuck It!! OMG, NIIIIINAAAAAA

    2. I've been alright, other than missing this place. :) Got my Nina Bishoujo statue a month or two back and did a write-up for the blog, but besides that it's been quiet on the Tekken front - and likely will continue to be, what with the next time release character being...robot Marduk? Red Hulk crossed with Solidus Snake? I have no idea what that's supposed to be, and historically speaking the 'big' characters are usually the least satisfying. The Nina wait continues. Blah.