January 05, 2013

3D model - Tekken 6 Nina Williams sniper

3D character model showcase - Nina Williams from Tekken 6 /sniper
This is a flash animation, so you will need Flash Player to view the file. Give it a few seconds to load. 720 individual shots combined into 360 keyframes... needless to say, this was a beast to do. *headache* Visit my deviantart for full credits.


  1. Good gravy, that's some fine work. 0_0

    I'm still trying to sort out in my head which is 'better' out of T6 Nina and TTT2 Nina. I do think the T6 model made her more beautiful in a classic sense, but the TTT2 model - as was the case for basically every character in the game - has those extra touches of realism, like the sparkly eyes and skin textures, that make her seem perilously close to stepping right out of the TV and punching me in the nuts. Decisions...

    1. Same here. I'm a huge fan of the T6 model. Never understood all the hate it got. Namco really upped the quality of their character models for Tag 2, though, so there's that. I'm currently waiting for a friend to send me the TTT2 model files. As soon as I put one of them through this very tedious 360° 'animation' process (preferably the swimsuit model...ahem..) we can have a good head-to-head comparison of the two.

    2. There was hate for the T6 model? Why? From who? The same people who think that fighting ladies shouldn't look like they can kick your ass? >_<