August 31, 2014

CR鉄拳 Tekken Pachinko - Nina Williams CG Cinematics Compilation

Tekken Pachinko CG Video Scenes Compilation
I finally found a way to upload a compilation video of the complete set of Nina and Anna scenes from CR鉄拳 without YouTubes compression doing horrible things to the image quality. Viewed at 1920x1080 full-screen this compilation video will display the cinematics in their original resolution as found in the iOS App (400x224 and 400x256). Naturally, Youtube's compression is still present, but not as noticable as in the previous video. Enjoy.

One more thing, if you like Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony mute the video, watching the whole thing with the audio on might ruin that masterpiece for you. :-D


  1. Woops, keep forgetting to add something here. :P

    ...but, y'now, after talking over the Nina/Anna fight scene previously, it's kinda hard to get chatty about the rest of it, y'know? Not that I want you to feel useless, Nico - I do appreciate the effort it took to get this material online, it's just...I don't know, seeing that fight first put my expectations high, and apart from that it's just Jin using Nina as an assist trophy a couple times. It is kinda weird and hilarious to see Jin having so much trouble beating Anna in a straight one-on-one duel, admittedly, and the Nina model(s) still look great.

  2. Can we have the Nina vs Anna bad ending individual