October 05, 2012

Craig on SFxTK Minimates Nina, Cammy and Lili

Street Fighter Tekken Minimates
I'm still on vacation, but having just checked the shipping status of my USPS parcel I can tell you there'll be some interesting things for me to write about as soon as I return. Part of this will be my review of the Nina Williams Minimate, which has been released a couple of days ago as part of Diamond Select Toys' newest assortment of fighting Minimates: Street Fighter X Tekken. For now I will have to make do just enviously looking at other people's pictures...

Sreet Fighter Minimates Tekken Shots
Big time Nina fan and BlondeBomb reader (yay) Craig (CraigTheCylon on Twitter) has already received his complete set of SFxTK Series 1 figures and put up some action shots of Nina and the "lesser blonde" she comes bundled with. As usual with him, his commentary is brilliantly witty lol-material (the obligatory swipe at Lili always has me in stitches), so it's a nice little read even if you're not interested in the Minimates. Head on over to Craig's Pillar of Justice to read what he has to say!

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