October 26, 2012

Review and editorial pictures of the Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates Series 1 Nina Williams figure

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Minimate Nina finally showed up at my frontdoor, and she's a cool little fella. Here's my review...

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After the much acclaimed Marvel Minimates series, Street Fighter and Darkstalker Minimates and several other pop culture characters having been minimated minimatized turned into Minimates, Tekken fans are finally in on the fun with the release of Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates Series 1. Nina comes with 2 accessories, the combat knife, that's been part of her battle suit outfits since Tekken 3, and Cammy, one of the characters she beat up in the Street Fighter x Tekken videogame. This is my very first Minimate and I can finally see for myself why these little guys are so popular with the comic crowd. (There's some sort of cult following almost). These guys are tiny (2") and blocky, yet highly flexible with their 14 points of articulation. They are simplified and stylized in their design, yet extremely detailed for such small figures. And they're endlessly interchangeable. I don't know, they're just the right kind of cute and tick all the right boxes of a collector's heart. It's also worth mentioning that these mates have been updated in their appearance and now look even better than they did in the very first preview pictures we saw. In Nina's case, as has been pointed out by fellow blogger Craig, the previously all-grey sides of her cubic torso (where her arms are) come painted in the final version. The sleeves now have the open shoulder detail, too. Also, her face paint job has changed, for the better; I love how the 'Nina mouth' is so spot on. I'm glad Nina turned out such a great Minimate and I'm happy to confirm, Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum have done an awesome job with their Street Fighter x Tekken license here. My first Minimate (yay) and most probably not my last, even if all future purchases will primarily serve as outfit supplies for Nina :-)


  1. GUH, your photos are incredible. 0_0 What sort of camera are you using? Mine just will not focus on anything when it gets that close to the lens.

    And glad to know you like it!

    1. Thanks Craig!
      Lacking a decent camera I had to use my iphone. I have to admit,though, it turned out to be surprisingly efficient. But it wasn't until I took the last two shots that I figured out you can actually focus in on close-ups by tapping on the screen. Eh... and I've had this phone for how long again?!?

    2. btw, OMGlol @ your new profile picture! Haha, nice one!