October 13, 2012

Tekken Ball is the latest love child of TTT2 and the WiiU

Tekken Tag Ball WiiU Nina
The TTT2-WiiU love story continues with the latest confession of love being the return of Tekken Ball for the Nintendo console version of the fighter. No word yet on a Ball DLC for xBox or PlayStation. This really bears very little relevance to Nina, other than the official screen shot above and finally having an excuse to put her swimsuit to good use... in a game of deadly beach ball. Guess I'm just posting this because I'd like me some of that Tekken Ball feeling here, please; my vacation is being terrorized by bad weather.


  1. Sorry to hear about your vacation taking a bad turn, mate. :( Hope you're feeling better by the time you return!

    1. Thanks, man! Had awesome (/if not THE best) weather on my last day.
      Still, good to be back! Time for some blog care, feels a bit dusty in here :-)