September 21, 2012

Complete list of Nina Williams' TTT2 customization optionsns

TTT2 Customize Items Costumes

Check out this complete list of all of Nina's customization options currently available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2...

TTT2 Nina Costumes Customization

TTT2 Customization Outfit Nina
upper body

TTT2 Custom Nina Outfit
lower body

TTT2 Nina Customize Model

Tekken Tag 2 Customize Hair
Tekken Tag Tournament Custom

Tekken Tag Item Moves
Tekken Tag 2 Customization

Tekken Effect Aura Rage Prana

TTT2 CGI Render Panel
 character select panels - CG

TTT2 Yamashita Junny Fujisawa Illustrations
character select panels - illustration

I thought posting these might prove helpful to prevent Nina players from getting lost in the hunt for unlockable items. Thanks to ST4RG4ZER, who seems to have direct access to the game files, for pointing out that, apart from her Death by Degrees outfit and the DLC swimsuits, there's no additional costume for Nina locked away somewhere on the disc. I've spent quite some time playing match after match after match after match in Ghost mode hoping for another outfit to be unlocked, so at least now I know not to expect more stuff to show up in Item Equip. I'm counting on costume DLC packs to add further outfit options for the characters later at some point. Mr ST4RG4ZER got these pictures straight off the disc for me btw, that's how I know it's complete.


  1. Replies
    1. And more to come, hopefully.
      Can't wait for them to release the retro intro/ending movies DLC, btw.
      Personally, I hope TTT2 will be flooded with DLC. I don't care if free or paid, I'm just hoping to get my regular fix of new content until they start talking about 7 or xSF.

    2. Speaking as someone who's probably sunk more than Saints Row 3's original r.r.p. into paying for its many DLC mission/weapon/vehicle packs, I have no issue paying up for more TTT2 stuff. Like you, I'm hoping for past costumes to be remade, since I'd love to see some of Nina's older outfits translated into modern graphics (e.g. her Tekken 2 p1 outfit, the cocktail dress, looked a little bland at the time but would be smokin' made with today's tech).

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