September 11, 2012

Me? I STILL bask myself in the thrill of anticipation... :-/

For some of us the wait is finally over. Today Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has officially been released across North America. I'm one of the unlucky Europeans who will have to wait until Friday the 14th for the game to be released. In my experience with pre-ordering via amazon I might get the game a day or two before it officially hits stores here, but my copy's current shipping status doesn't look too promising. I have actually also pre-ordered the US version via GameStop USA a few weeks ago (that bonus Williams poster was just too tempting), but that one won't be here any time soon either since it's waiting for a few other Nina goodies to be combined for shipping with. Some really nice stuff I can't wait to post about! Then there's this artbook I had on pre-order in the UK for a while now which should be here tomorrow. I'll post about it as soon as it's in my hands. Other than that I'm just hoping I can get all real-life stuff done by Friday night, so I can disconnect all phones and the intercom and lock myself in the parlour for a 48h session of TTT2. You Americans have fun playing the game while I bask myself in the thrill of anticipation,... still. :-(

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