September 21, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Are Almost Here - Nina Williams VS Cammy battle shots

SFxTK Art Asylum Diamond Select
To preview wave 1 of the Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates that will be released next week, the folks at Art Asylum took the Series 1 figures and staged their battles 'on location'. More after the jump...

Tekken Street Fighter Merchandise
The comic shop and specialty store exclusive Cammy and Nina were photographed fighting it out above city rooftops on top of a building's stone gargoyle. The picture where Nina d/f+2's Cammy's ass off that gorgoyle seems to be missing, though. Btw, looks like the Cammy VS Nina pack is gonna be a popular one; at Minimates specialist Lukes Toy Store it is the top seller amongst the individual character sets. I have 3 packs of the Nina/Cammy bundle pre-ordered and will review Nina once I get her. She's gonna be my very first Minimate, so I'm excited to see what this line of toys has to offer.
Expected release date for Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Series 1 is September 26th 2012. Head on over to the Art Asylum blog to check out the full set of photographs.


  1. Ordered the first wave from BigBadToyStore a while back, and I think they started shipping them to me...last week? Maybe the week before. They've got to make it across the Atlantic but they should be here soon.

    I actually have rather a lot of Minimates already (currently laying in a giant heap since I haven't the shelf space to display them all nicely), most of them Marvel themed, so Nina can chill out with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, or go steal Thor's hammer. I'm sure she's sufficiently 'WORTHY!' to lift it.

    Also, judging by these pics, my one worry about Nina's figure has been fixed; in earlier shots her sides under her arms seemed to have been left unpainted, which made her look a bit rushed in profile, but it seems they've cleaned it up now. :)

    1. I've heard TRU is already selling them, too.
      Sounds like you'll be getting your Nina Minimate before I do. If you find the time, take a picture or 2 and send them along, so I can share them here.
      The line seems to be doing quite well so far as I've heard talks about a third wave. Hope they sell well, maybe then Tekken can have a standalone line some day. There's just not enough Tekken stuff to buy out there for my taste. Next thing I'd love to see is Kotobukiya's Yamashita-Nina.

    2. Bah, missed the delivery and, several days later, still haven't managed to pick up the box from the sorting office. At this rate you'll get yours before mine. I'm still gonna take a bunch of pics anyway, just to show Nina beating up random schmucks. :)
      The odds of Tekken getting a stand-alone line is, at this point, less to do with sales of SFxTK figures and more to do with Namco shilling the Tekken license effectively. The SFxTK series only came about because Capcom already have a standing license agreement with Minimate manufacturers Diamond Select, hence the previous Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom figures. That said, Namco seem to be (slowly) catching on to the merchandising bug, so maybe we'll get lucky in the next few years.

      And speaking as someone who always chooses articulated figures over statues, although a Kotobukiya Nina would be nice, what I'm really hoping for is our girl getting a Play Arts figure from Square Enix. They've got the TK license and have shown off Kazuya and Jun at conventions over the past few months, and they both look great. I'd honestly give anything for Nina in that format.

    3. The Kazuya and Jun Play Arts do look good!
      Can't find a Twitter account to harass for a Play Arts Nina lol.

  2. UPDATE: I got 'em! Posted a group shot to Twitter, and some Nina-specific pics are up on my old blog right here.