March 09, 2015

Nina Williams Tekken 3 Arcade Decal

Tekken 3 Arcade machine decal
I found this the first week right after I moved to London. It's a roughly 70 cm tall decal from the Tekken 3 Arcade machine. It provides a good look at Nina's Tekken 3 arcade character model, which has quite a few advantages when compared to the one found in the PlayStation console release of Tekken 3, like higher resolution textures and a higher poly mesh (e.g. the hands, which boast individually modelled fingers on the arcade model whereas the console counterpart only had a solid block with a finger texture applied to it).

Tekken Nina arcade board decal
Nina Williams Tekken 3 ingame character model
Tekken Namco Arcade Machine board
What a nice way to welcome me here. Thanks, London! Hope you keep on giving.

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