January 21, 2013

magazine scan - PSM - Nina Williams headlines PlayStation 2 2005 Preview

I've been going through a whole bunch of old video game magazines lately. At one point a few years ago I was buying stacks and stacks of gaming mags on eBay, looking for things to add to my collection - be it reviews, previews, cover stories or just some random article mentioning Nina or featuring her picture. So, I've been trying to sort out the collection, listing all the magazines I own and - above all - the magazines I still need to track down and buy. With this list in my hands it looks like I still have quite a few hours days months of eBay grinding ahead of me. At the same time, I've dug up some - more or less - interesting/funny/informative/completely random stuff from the gaming magazines of yesteryear that I will scan peu à peu and post here. Don't expect anything groundbreaking, I'll basically post anything that is more than just 2 words and a picture, thus 3 words and a picture will do just fine, so expect triviality...

Playstation Magazine scan cover
Magazine Scan Tekken Nina
PSM (US) January 2005 / Vol 9, No. 1 / Issue 93 In their January issue PSM ran a 7 page preview for 2005 - PlayStation 2's "biggest year yet" - and chose none other than Nina Williams as the character to headline their 7 page spread on both the article's intro page (p.48) and on the cover of the magazine. 7 pages is huge when it comes to PSM and the team chose wisely for Nina to be this story's cover girl. After all, not only would she finally be returning to gamers' TV screens with the release of Tekken 5 in March of 2005, but she would also be starring in her very own game as early as February of the same year. Funny enough, the article - in fact, the whole issue - doesn't even mention Death by Degrees once, and the tiny picture + short text for Tekken 5 didn't mention Nina either. In teamPSM's defence though, their front page text explicitly points out that PSM targets the "hardcore gamer", so it's not hard to imagine their readership was already well aware of Nina and her solo adventure debut.

Playstation Magazine Scan Tekken
In this issue PSM's always humorous ENDPAGE (p.96) featured classifieds by famous PlayStation characters: "Can you guess who posted each of these ads?" (...they've got pictures for anyone who can't..) "TOO GOOD FOR YOU. Mega-hot SWF seeking anything that can stand up to rigorous use. Non-smoker, extreme wealth, and good looks a plus. No whiners - I'm tired of all the frail boys that break too easily. Will you be my knight in leather armor? Email me at annasucksass@ironfist.com and tell me what you'd do with a bottle of massage oil, clown makeup, and a saddle."
...annasucksass@ironfist.com?! I love you PSM!


  1. Aw man, that's hilarious!

    Wish the gaming magazines over here in the UK were up to the same standard; the only one that ever had such a winning sense of humour was Nintendo Gamer in its various forms and, of course, being Nintendo, Tekken wasn't a subject often discussed there. Playstation World/PSW used to be pretty keen on the series, but for some reason I wound up dropping that mag in favour of PSM3...which turned out to be a mistake, as they had the very outdated view that any fighting game which didn't play like Street Fighter was 'obviously broken and wrong'. I still remember their backhanded compliment to the early Tekken 6 tease that was part of the first bunch of PS3 videos; noting that it was the only teaser to show anything like a personality, they compared their feelings to "meeting that fat, ugly kid from high school you used to laugh at and being relieved you've at least got someone to talk to". Nice unbiased journalism.

    PSM3, I should note, ceased publication this past month. KARMA.