August 30, 2012

Super Nina soon flying to a console near you

Costume Character Customization Tekken
I'm in love with the Superhero Top! Super Nina looks super. Look out for videos by Robert Cram on youtube to see some of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's character customization options. As soon as the game is released in Europe I'll be spamming this blog with shots of my customized Nina. Also, if you recognize more than 5 of the logos in the header and can name their corresponding heroes, you're a nerd!


  1. *deep breath* Superman, Avengers, Green Lantern, Punisher, Fantastic 4, the Comedian, Captain America, Batman, Captain Marvel/SHAZAM!, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Robin, Wonder Woman! HA!

    Anyways - yeah, I'm quite liking the look of this number too, although judging by the expression on Nina's face she doesn't share my opinion. Eep. Might just stick with the Formal Jacket to keep her happy...

    (this is CraigTheCylon from Twitter, btw. Finally remembered I had an old blogger account)

    1. Mr MacDonald, in the big sea of nerd-fish you are the Great White! :-)))

    2. Haha, thanks. :)

      BTW, since this is vaguely on-topic: if Nina had to 'fill-in' for an existing Marvel or DC superhero (y'know, if they called in sick or something), who would you like to see her replace? Personally, I think the new Captain Marvel - er, the one from Marvel, not SHAZAM! - would be a good fit in terms of persona, and Nina would look pretty great in the outfit:

      (don't know how to code links in this box)

    3. lol, awesome plot. I don't know of any comic book having ever asked/answered the question if superheroes can catch the flu. Imagine Superman sneezing O_O
      Anyway, damn...long lost twin sister?
      You say they even share commonalities in their persona?
      Guess I know what one of my favourite TTT2 costumes will look like

      -link code is (without the stars) *<*A HREF="URL">CLICKHERE*

    4. Superman sneezing was literally the whole plot of an episode of Smallville once. Seriously, 40 minutes of TV time spent on a guy sneezing doors off hinges. That happened.

      But, yeah, now that I think about it, there's an almost eerie number of similarities to be drawn between Nina and Carol Danvers, as Cap. Marvel likes to be known when she's not in her union suit. You can skim her Wikipedia page for further details, but, well...tough blonde with military background, motivated by complicated relationship with father, has had dealings with alien entities, prolonged amnesiac phase, not afraid to bend the rules and act illegally/immorally for the greater good, and once played primary henchwoman for an ambitious wacko drunk with power trying to rule the world. Sounding familiar yet? >_>

    5. "Superman sneezing was literally the whole plot of an episode of Smallville once. Seriously, 40 minutes of TV time spent on a guy sneezing doors off hinges. That happened." - Haha, can't help but imagine your grand children, 50 years from now, shouting: Mum, Gramps is acting all Münchhausen again.

      That's crazy! It's like Nina's family-issues-scarred trip down memory loss lane and her gun for hire Zaibatsu commander Kazama bodyguard status all over again. And people try to tell me Namco was copying Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant. Ha!
      Can't wait to see Harada's face when I point out the similarities to him (when/if I meet him again)

    6. Oh..., haha, I was drunk when I wrote this.

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