August 15, 2012

Major CG Intro Movie Screen Time for Nina Williams in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Tekken Nina Williams CGI
Intro update! Tekken Tag Tournament 2's console opening cinematic has been revealed just in time for Gamescom 2012. Though I doubt it's the full opening movie, it provides some clarification regarding the scenes we've already seen short segments of. The actual video might not be news to you as it has been up a day or 2 already, but as usual I had to wait for Namco's PR/press department to release an HD version for the games press folk, so I could take somewhat clear pictures insted of pixelated hot mess youtube screenshots. (The slight grain effect is a filter Namco used, btw.)
Nina looks fabulous here, she even dropped a few sizes just for the intro movie,... or is it the in-game camera adding 10 pounds? For some reason Namco decided to have slim model-sized Blood Vengeance Nina star in the FMV movies while fit and muscular Haywire Nina takes over the screen for the in-game action. I like them both, so nothing wrong with that. I'm just really happy Nina's getting some major intro movie screentime this time around. I know, she's one of the few characters to have appeared in every Tekken opening FMV, except Tekken 4's, but her screen time in the Tekken 6 one was just way too short for my taste, even though the ending movies kind of made up for the lack of Nina in the opening (she appeared in 3 of them).
If you haven't already seen the video and want to know what happens right after the last screen shot up above, see for yourself:

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  1. Oh finally some HQ pics of the opening cinematic *-* I was hoping you to put them up ^^ Thank you so much :) great work!

    BTW thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment on my blog and yeah I admit that I have mad skills at Tekken haha :D (and I'm pretty modest, too lol)