July 05, 2012

Dissecting the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer reveals Nina CG opening cinematic footage

So, I'm back from this remote quiet place that gave me the excuse to basically morph into a cave man with no telephone or wlan or other contemporary tech to be found anywhere near me vacation, and first thing I see is the new trailer for the console release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Fight lab, new stages, opening and character ending movie snippets, online team allegiance and the overall awesomeness of Tag 2 aside ...

- Where the eff is Nina, Namco? -

I couldn't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by her absence at first. A second glance changed that. With a shit load of content and speed-of-light cuts it's easy to miss the little treats the trailer has in store for the more observant viewer. Here's what clever eagle-eyed Tekken fans should have found by dissecting the trailer frame by frame:

Tekken Tag Tournament Trailer
Tekken Tag Nina Anna
Nina and Anna teaming up against team Ninja (pun intended) /Raven&Kunimitsu

Tekken Tag CG Opening
Tekken Tag 2 CG Movie
Tekken Tag 2 CG Render
Nina right before killing Kunimitsu :-)

Tekken Tag Character Render
Tekken CGI Character Renders
(fanboy mode ON) Look who's up there at the top; right where she belongs

Tekken Tag Nina Williams
That's the only number Nina can be associated with - *1*! The trailer got THAT right. (fanboy mode OFF)

Tekken Nude Lili Fanboy Model

Tekken Trailer Images CG

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