July 25, 2012

Big Bikini Bundle - Namco still fan-catering

Tekken Bikini Nina Williams
Tekken Bikini Nina Anna
Tekken Male Swimwear
Nina Williams Bikini Swimsuit
Tekken Lili Bikini Kunimitsu
It's pretty obvious by now that Namco Harada's team is going all out for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Not only are fan favorites like Jun and Kunimitsu returning to the franchise, even long absent former palette swap characters like Tiger Jackson are getting their own slots in the already colossal roster.
Now it's their latest pre-order incentive, namely the big bikini bundle, demonstrating just how fan-oriented Team Tekken is thinking. For some people the inclusion of over 150 free swimsuits alone might arguably be sufficient proof of Namco's fan-love,  for some it's in the little details. Things like Kunimitsu's infamous watermelon bikini, right out of some old character concept drawing. Even Lili's striped 2-piece from her Sports Illustrated like cover shot for Girls of Gaming magazine is back to make it's videogame debut.
With all the fanservice Namco is providing I probably shouldn't feel bad about making 2 requests for that bikini bundle thing myself:

Tekken Swimsuit Jun Beach
Tekken Bikini Swimsuit

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