June 07, 2012

Minimates & Nanomen - Nina Williams, Street Fighter x Tekken

Mini-me Minimates Figures

Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates Diamond Select
Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates C2E2
Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates C2E2
Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates C2E2
Nina's got a Mini-Me, too.

Tekken's First Lady will be joining the ranks of other famous comic-, movie- and video game characters who've gotten the Minimate treatment.

Minimates are a block-styled miniature action figure primarily released to specialty retailers and aimed at adult collectors.

Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum Series 1 will include a Nina VS Cammy pairing exclusively available at specialty stores (/online). The other Series 1 box sets are Ken VS Steve, Sagat VS King and Poison VS Lili (the latter exclusive to specialty stores, the former two also available at Toys'R'Us). Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 (!) points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories.

I usually prefer my (action-) figures to be rich in detail, accurately bearing the likeness of the original character. But the extremely simplified form is a central design theme with these figures and I do really like what I see. Also, with 14 (!!!) points of articulation these mates are pretty much double jointed all over.

(Warning: super nerdy collector's talk in 3..2..1..)
As usual I'll be buying several copies of the Nina box set to have one that I can unpack, one to put in a CGA graded UF-5 acrylic custom case () and some more to lock away somewhere dark and safe and dust-free. lol

Now here's something that's killing my collectors heart a little.
I've actually been waiting for a block figure rendition of Nina for quite some time now. Back around the time Tekken 5 was released for PS2 there was a line of Tekken Nanomen in the works at visual entertainment and licensing studio Kinetic Underground Inc.
Unfortunately this line didn't make it past the prototype stage and was never officially released, which is such a bummer, because I really liked the look of this type of block figure. Also, (AFAIK) Nanomen Nina would have been slightly taller than Minimates Nina ... and a bit prettier.

See for yourself:

Tekken Nanomen Nina Williams Kinetic
Tekken Nanomen Kinetic Underground figure

Originally scheduled for a June 2012 release Diamond Select's Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates are now expected to ship October 2012 but can already be pre-ordered online. No official statement on why it was pushed back, but the new release date might actually coincide with the release of Streeft Fighter x Tekken for the PlayStation Vita, which is currently scheduled for Fall 2012. Convenient, no?
Photographs (pictures 3-6) were taken at the Diamond Select booth / Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2012 by youbastards @ minimatemultiverse.com
You can find his C2E2 gallery here http://photobucket.com/youbastards-at-C2E2

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